Facial Cupping Treatment

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If you suffer from sinus troubles, migraine headaches or TMJ syndrome I use small cups with varying levels of intensity to lift and separate tissue which can increase circulation, relieve pressure and create space between sinus cavities, muscle tissue and connective tissue.

For TMJ syndrome specifically I use more intensity/greater suction with the small cups to focus on the muscles and tissue of the temporomandibular joint to relieve pain and release adhesions that may be the root of your dysfunction and pain.

If pain is not an issue you will still want to see what facial cupping can do for you from an aesthetic perspective. The lymphatic flow of your face, head and neck could be congested. This results in puffiness, lack of definition and poor collagen production. At the very least we will increase the circulation to the face, leaving you with a healthy glow. My goal will be to awaken the lymphatic system and with repeated treatments provide you with healthy, well hydrated, collagen rich face.

I use my own blends of dōTERRA essential oils customized to your skin type to increase the efficacy of the treatment and enhance the results.

Many people associate cupping with the marks that they have seen on the Olympic athletes. Trust that I will not leave these cup kiss marks on your face. The exception would be for severe TMJ treatment which often needs to be quite intense and will most likely leave marks that will dissipate in hours or days depending on the severity and depth of the dysfunction.

Add a facial cupping session to any 30, 60, 90 or 120 minutes massage for a $10 discount!

Contact me directly to set up an appointment at (717) 668-4360 or at handsinthesands@gmail.com.

If you’re not sure if this is for you and you have any questions or concerns, please reach out and ask away!