My name is Julie.

I am a retired Spanish teacher from Washington, D.C.

My husband, our dog LuLou, our cat Itty Bitty and I moved to Wilmington in 2015 and this new chapter in my life has led me to an exploration of multiple modalities of massage and bodywork.

Since I was a child I always seemed to be the one reaching out to touch others, rubbing my mother's feet, my siblings' necks or (years later) the one behind you at the bar rubbing your shoulders. 

I am fascinated by the human anatomy and the body's ability to 'heal' itself. I believe that the key is balance. Taking time for relaxation and body work can have a tremendous effect on the health of your mind, body and spirit.

For some, it may be quiet time to enjoy the long, soothing strokes of a Swedish massage and for others it is a more aggressive deep tissue session to increase range of motion and flexibility or release of adhesions and trigger points.

I have witnessed the power of touch and strongly believe in the benefits of combining multiple modalities to create therapeutic treatment plans to help any type of client tap into their own healing powers.

​Julie Romero, LMBT

NC #15543

Client Testimonials

My Studio and Me

I offer massage sessions of 30, 60, 90 and 120 minutes. Communication is so vital between a therapist and the client. So "what I do" is...listen. We will discuss your history, expectations and preferences prior to the session to determine a customized plan. I encourage feedback during the massage to be sure that you get the pressure, depth and technique that you need to find relief and relaxation. And the depth you want might be different from one muscle group to the next and even from one side to the other. You should never feel like once you asked for more or less pressure that you can't feel differently later. And while my hands are intuitive I might be feeling something and be trying to address and you're just not 'feeling it'. I don't mind being told "that doesn't feel like what you think it does"...not that I've heard that but I'm just saying.

I will use all of the tools in my proverbial toolbox to address your needs. Aromatherapy, heated towels, hot stones, and MediCupping can all be integrated into any length treatment.

​​What I Do

Who I Am

Julie is truly a professional, I started off asking for a 60 minute massage, halfway through that, I asked her if she could extend it to 90 minutes. Yes, she is that good!
Her technique and her ability to sense where and how to apply the exact amount of pressure is uncanny. 
I am looking forward to going back again next week.

B Jones

Julie is now my go to massage therapist! I am a medically retired vet with major back problems. I have been to many different therapists in Wilmington, but I never really felt the satisfaction I feel from Julie. She is an awesome person who is truly down to earth and really wants her patients  to feel better after leaving! I recommend you give give her a call if your looking for a massage therapist you can really depend on!

Cameron M

Julie is amazing! She really listens to what your specific problem areas are and focuses on them. Her massage space is very private and comfortable, as well as being in a good location that isn't far from any main roads. I have been going once a week for 90 minute massages to work out knots from work, and I feel fantastic! She is totally professional, nice, and easy to get a hold of. Her prices are super affordable too, a dollar a minute for the best massage of your life! I highly recommend Julie and Hands in the Sands.

Maggie C

I have been a client of Julie's for at least 6 months if not longer and go at least once a week when I can, that's how relaxed her massages make me feel.  I have been to a number of different massage therapist and most were ok however Julie seems to me to be more intuitive to what areas of my body need attention. Her demeanor  and hands to me are the best in the message therapy business, in my opinion. Give her a call and set up a appointment you will find it was time well spent.

Thomas W

Julie is a miracle worker! If you haven't discovered her, run don't walk to her place and you will not be disappointed. Talk and aroma therapy included! She is amazing and affordable and flexible with her schedule and did I say incredibly skilled? You'll feel better and sleep well for sure. Thanks, Julie, I'm glad I found you!

Phyllis G

I recently had a mini stroke with vertigo as a side effect.  Julie gave me an amazing massage that relieved my pain from the hospital bed and was able to get the blood flowing properly through my body again.  Julie truly cares about you and how you are feeling and she will do whatever is necessary so that your body can heal the way it should.  Whether you want a massage therapist to see on a regular basis or just looking for a great massage, Julie is the therapist to go to!  I highly recommend her!


I've been carrying around a ridiculous amount of stress in my body for quite some time. Julie's technique, guidance and attentiveness has helped me begin to shed some of my stress. I can tell that this work is delivered with compassion, concentration and she really cares. I like that feedback is welcome and cannot wait for my next session.

Sophia R

I had an amazing massage with Julie! I had seen her once at another place, and followed her to her new business because I refused to see anyone else. The room is super cute and relaxing. She used aromatherapy which was very nice, and optional if you ask her which is also very nice. I was just expecting a back and neck massage, but she worked on my legs and feet also, and also my head which was absolutely life changing. I didn't think I needed a head massage but now I don't know how I've lived this long without one! Julie is really sweet and professional, AND AFFORDABLE, and I would recommend her to anyone and everyone!! Seriously ... Treat yo self!!! :)

Daniela A

I randomly found Julie through the MindBody app and I am SO glad I did! Not only is she affordable, she truly cares about what she does and her clients, going above and beyond each session and really working on an individualized basis. After my last session I left without pain in between my shoulder blades in as long as I can remember. I always feel much better after my sessions with Julie. I cannot say enough good things about her! Go see her today! She's wonderful.

Melissa F

​​​Hands in the Sands​, LLC

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