Julie is truly a professional, I started off asking for a 60 minute massage, halfway through that, I asked her if she could extend it to 90 minutes. Yes, she is that good!
Her technique and her ability to sense where and how to apply the exact amount of pressure is uncanny. 
I am looking forward to going back again next week.
B Jones

Julie is now my go to massage therapist! I am a medically retired vet with major back problems. I have been to many different therapists in Wilmington, but I never really felt the satisfaction I feel from Julie. She is an awesome person who is truly down to earth and really wants her patients  to feel better after leaving! I recommend you give give her a call if your looking for a massage therapist you can really depend on!
Cameron M

100% recommend Lymphatic Drainage and plan to repeat. I was a little sore Monday night and Tuesday morning, but nothing major—almost like after a new workout type sore. I’ve been sleeping so much better (and all night!), allergies are DRASTICALLY improved. I’ve seen a significant improvement in the severe fatigue and brain fog. Haven’t had a headache for almost a week (prior to last Thursday I had a constant headache for about 2.5 weeks). Even my eyes have felt better, less fatigued/blurred vision and light sensitivity. And I’ve been able to run and workout without any flare up of the foot issue too. I probably have told no less than 5-10 people about the benefits of the session, it’s been remarkable how back to life I feel in so many ways. THANK YOU!!
Andrea S​

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I offer 30, 60, 90, 120, and 180 minute massages. Each massage is unique and customized to the client's needs.  Swedish, Deep Tissue, Cupping and Thai inspired stretching on the table are the modalities that I practice and any and all of them can be incorporated into any length session.

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